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Which would you give up first – sex or your mobile phone?

Which would you give up first – sex or your mobile phone? As one of Amsterdam’s escorts I could be forgiven for thinking that sex is one of the most important things on any man’s agenda. After all, Amsterdam is the sex capital of the world and sometimes it can seem as though everything here revolves around the sexual act. However, according to an online poll conducted by a company …Read More

Enjoy a club with one of our Amsterdam party girl escorts

So you’re planning a date in one of the Amsterdam clubs, perhaps Supperclub or Club Up and your date for the evening calls and says she can’t make it. What do you do? Stay in and watch the TV, call up some of your friends and invite them along or do you go to the club alone? If none of these options appeal to you, why not call our agency …Read More

Do you love stockings and suspenders?

Take a look through an of the Amsterdam escort agencies websites and you’ll find pages and pages of gorgeous escorts, all in varying stages of dress. Many will be wearing sexy lingerie of some kind, especially those perennial favourites, stockings and suspenders. It’s amazing how just the sight of a pair of long shapely legs encased in stockings can set your heart racing and make your mouth dry. This has …Read More

What do men fantasize about?

One of the main reasons men choose to meet with an escort is to live out their fantasies. While these can range from the simple to the complex, in my experience, they do tend to fall into the following categories. Public Places – there’s something incredibly erotic about having sex in a public place with the possibility of being seen making it all the more exciting. Paying for sex – …Read More

Does size really matter?

Although there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary, it seems that men still want to know whether size really matters. Here at Smashing Escorts we don’t think it matters at all despite some of the more recent research. An Australian study asked 105 females to study a collection of computer generated images and then rate them according to their attractiveness. The images rotated so that the women could see the …Read More

Don’t worry – you won’t be the only one to have asked for this!

If you’re new to the business of using an escort service you may be a little concerned about asking your escort for certain things. But don’t worry; our escort girls generally have an open mind when it comes to requests from clients. No matter what you’re about to ask they’ve probably heard it before. But just to put your mind at rest, here are some of the most common requests …Read More