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Does size really matter?

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Although there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary, it seems that men still want to know whether size really matters. Here at Smashing Escorts we don’t think it matters at all despite some of the more recent research.

An Australian study asked 105 females to study a collection of computer generated images and then rate them according to their attractiveness. The images rotated so that the women could see the bodies from all angles. The study found that the majority of the women surveyed chose broad shouldered tall men with long penises as their favourite body type. However we know that, despite the results suggested by this survey, in the real world women don’t choose their partners on looks alone. Character traits such as kindness, the ability to demonstrate love and a sense of humour are far more important than looks, and penis size did not come into the selection process at all.

For the last twenty or so years, UK sex expert, Tracey Cox has studied the sex lives of both men and women, asking the questions that most of us dare not ask. According to Cox, most men cite size and performance at the forefront of their worries about sex, but what a lot of men don’t realise is that female sexual satisfaction is not merely about penetration. In fact, research has shown that as few as 30% of women achieve orgasm through penetration alone. Cox suggests that by learning techniques which use the fingers and tongue to stimulate the genitals, men will be just as able to satisfy their partner, especially as the majority of the vaginal sensory nerves are concentrated in the first few centimetres.

So there you have it. If you’re wondering whether penis size is important, we can assure you that our escort girls here at Decadent girls Amsterdam definitely don’t judge a book by its cover; their aim is to help you have fun no matter how big or small you are!