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Which would you give up first – sex or your mobile phone?

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Which would you give up first – sex or your mobile phone?

As one of Amsterdam’s escorts I could be forgiven for thinking that sex is one of the most important things on any man’s agenda. After all, Amsterdam is the sex capital of the world and sometimes it can seem as though everything here revolves around the sexual act. However, according to an online poll conducted by a company called Harris Interactive, it turns out that there’s a whole list of things which are considered of far more importance.

Based on the results of the poll, they drew up a list of the top ten things that people can’t live without. Now while you might think that sex would be pretty near the top of the list, in fact it actually came in almost at the bottom. Most respondents listed food, cars, having access to the internet, owning a mobile or cell phone and a computer as being far more important that having sex. Luckily it actually managed to squeeze onto the list before sat navs, social networks and tablets, but I have an inkling that the urge to have a tablet will soon outweigh the urge to have sex.

Maybe it’s our busy lifestyles that are affecting our choices. Some respondents claimed that they didn’t have to choose any particular item over the other as they had become so used to multi-tasking in the bedroom. One survey showed that approximately one fifth of young adults in the United States regularly sneak a peek at their smartphones during coitus, while it seems that couples in the UK are even more addicted, with a staggering 62% of women and almost 50% of men admitting to checking their phones during sex.

I must admit while I’ve never done the dirty deed, as in check my phone while I’ve been with a client, I’ve been on the receiving end when clients have reached for their phone when they’ve heard the incoming message tone.
No wonder they call it coitus interruptus!