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Do you love stockings and suspenders?

stockings and suspenders

Take a look through an of the Amsterdam escort agencies websites and you’ll find pages and pages of gorgeous escorts, all in varying stages of dress. Many will be wearing sexy lingerie of some kind, especially those perennial favourites, stockings and suspenders. It’s amazing how just the sight of a pair of long shapely legs encased in stockings can set your heart racing and make your mouth dry. This has been a fetish of mine for more years than I care to remember. It goes right back to my teenage years when I found one of my dad’s dirty magazines hidden on the top shelf of his dresser. (Don’t ask what I was looking for!) Anyway, I flipped through it marvelling at the women dressed in nothing more than a suspender belt, skimpy briefs and stockings. They looked nothing like the girls in my school, and from that moment on, I was hooked.

This fascination has stayed with me all through my adult life and whenever I book the services of an escort I always request that she turns up for our meeting dressed in this way. The girls are always happy to oblige; I think that maybe pulling on these most sexual of leg coverings, puts them in the mood for our date.