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What do men fantasize about?

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One of the main reasons men choose to meet with an escort is to live out their fantasies. While these can range from the simple to the complex, in my experience, they do tend to fall into the following categories.

Public Places – there’s something incredibly erotic about having sex in a public place with the possibility of being seen making it all the more exciting.
Paying for sex – many men have an urge to pay for sex, possibly because it allows them to detach from the emotional side of sex and see it purely as a business transaction.

Using a variety of orifices – one of men’s major fantasies is seeing a beautiful woman knelt in front of him performing oral sex; it can be an extremely submissive position, especially if the man controls the rhythm and depth. Another big fantasy is anal sex, as it combines a taboo act with a different sensation.

Being dominated – the whole thing about being told what to do sexually by a woman turns many men on, hence the popularity of our domination escorts. Dressing the part in leather or rubber also helps to bring the fantasy to life.

Being dominant – is an increasingly popular fantasy and the more high class, sexy and intelligent the escort, the more it turns the client on. Begging and spanking are also very popular.

Being a voyeur – especially watching duo escorts undress, caress and fondle each other in response to the client’s commands. It’s almost as though the client is a director, playing out his own fantasy right before his eyes.

Uniforms and role play – whether it’s a sexy secretary or naughty nurse, the idea of uniforms and role play is a big turn on for many men. It’s more than just the outfit though, getting into the role is equally important

A threesome – possibly the top of most men’s fantasy list is the idea of two woman seeing to his every sexual need.

Which fantasy would you like to turn into reality? Look for our Amsterdam escorts!